Small is Big and Other Actionable Pointers to Find the Top Cities for Canada Jobs

Where are the best jobs in Canada? In which cities are you likely to find the best employers in the country? If you are a skilled worker seeking a life in Canada, then identifying the top city for jobs in Canada can make a huge difference to your future

Key Parameters to Consider to Identify the Top Cities for Jobs in Canada

Every year, numerous government and private agencies will rank the different cities of Canada and identify the best options for job searchers. While these lists are important, you must learn to look beyond the names as well.

Try to understand what makes a city a good destination for job seekers—Canadian and foreign—so that you can apply these parameters when you get a job offer and plan your options accordingly.

Covid Effect—Smaller Cities Jump in Rankings

This is evident from the latest list of top cities for jobs in Canada. Kelowna in British Columbia has topped the list with healthy employment numbers as well as steady growth in employment as well as population.

This city has jumped 14 spots as compared to the last year to become the best city for labor market performance in Canada.

In contrast, almost all big cities that were ranked very high in 2019 have dropped in the 2020 list. These include cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Victoria, and Calgary.

The actionable point here is that big and crowded cities are likely to take longer to recover from the pandemic. This means you may find it easier to get a job in Canada if you are prepared to look beyond the metros and focus on smaller cities.

Understand Labor Market Performance Rankings

Look at these two factors when comparing cities—population growth and employment growth. Rising population and rising employment growth means the city is attracting immigrants. An increase in population with stagnating employment numbers means the peak of job growth has passed and that there are not many jobs even as immigrants continue to enter.

A small rise in population combined with a healthy rate of job growth is a great option because this indicates that job growth has begun but immigrants have not yet recognized the city’s potential.

Focusing on numbers and data can help you avoid taking decisions based on gut instinct or based on the follow-the-herd mentality where you stick to jobs in big cities without considering other options.

Sectors Matter

It’s easy to look at Canada’s job market as a single and unified entity. However, a lot depends on the sector in which you are searching for a job in the country.

Hotels, bars, restaurants, and other industries in the hospitality and travel sectors have been hit very hard due to the pandemic. Obviously, searching for a job in this sector, even in Kelowna, won’t be easy.

There’s very high demand for professionals in technology, healthcare, life sciences, nursing, and other pandemic-centric occupations. For such workers, the pandemic has actually resulted in a job boom irrespective of the city or province you consider.  

Professional Advice

With Toronto performing poorly over Kelowna, should you simply ignore the former and focus on smaller cities? Well, it’s tough to come up with a universal answer because a lot depends on your qualification and experience.

An experienced immigration attorney or advisor will be the best source for job advice.

If you are a tech professional, then ignoring Toronto may not be a smart idea at all. Job growth numbers may have been hit by the pandemic but the Greater Toronto Area has been one of the fastest growing tech hubs in North America.

A small city located in one of the Atlantic provinces may be a good choice if you intend to focus on the Atlantic Pilot. Similarly, small or even rural communities may work well if you are likely to qualify for PR through the community pilot program.

Again, just random research on the web won’t help you compare and identify the best option. You need a professional who has thorough understanding of

  1. how Canada’s job market works,
  2. what employers look for in candidates,
  3. how immigration trends are shaping, and
  4. the best job and immigration prospects based on your profile.

Expand your Canada job search efforts with these actionable points to give yourself a good chance of finding a job and settling in Canada.