Where are the Best Jobs in Canada—Top Sectors for Foreign Skilled Workers!

2020 was a horror year and 2021 was welcomed with the hopes that it would bring about healthier and more stable for the world. With multiple vaccines available to tame the Covid-19 virus, it’s time to focus on things like your career, job opportunities in Canada, and how you can make your dream of working and settling in Canada come true.

The smooth, transparent, and merit-centric immigration system means getting a job in Canada can virtually guarantee the path to a work permit or even permanent residence in the country. So, here is the list of likely top jobs in Canada for 2021.  

Contactless/Remote Positions

The pandemic has forced businesses to embrace remote-working practices with employees as well as customers. From customer service to sales and marketing to boosting brand recall, virtually all business processes have shifted to contactless or remote positions.

Obviously, this will result in a sharp spike in demand for customer service representatives. In the future, mastery over remote operations and processes will be a plus even after the situation normalizes and work-from-office becomes routine again.


Health is your most precious asset—this probably the biggest takeaway from the Covid-19 pandemic. This means healthcare will remain a top priority even after vaccine distribution intensifies.

Healthcare workers, especially nurses, were already in short supply in Canada even during the pre-Covid-19 days. Canada’s aging population requires a large number of trained and skilled nurses for medical and hospice care.

With demand set to hit around 60,000 nurses by 2022, chances are that this will be a top in-demand profession through 2021.

Life Sciences

Canada’s growing reputation as a tech hub has disguised the fact that the country has also developed reputed and credible life science hubs in different provinces. With the pandemic highlighting the importance of understanding and tackling viruses and creating vaccines, the life science sector too will see good employment opportunities for well-qualified skilled workers across the world.


An economy in lockdown relies on its transportation and logistics worker to supply essential goods and services to the people. Obviously, this means there will be a huge spurt in demand for drivers, especially those specializing in commercial transportation.

From transport of vaccines and medical supplies to supply for essential raw materials for industries and businesses, the entire system will collapse without enough drivers.

Demand for professional drivers is evident from the fact that Ontario has included drivers in its list of in-demand PNP occupations while New Brunswick has a separate PNP stream for transport drivers.  


Remote working was possible during the Covid-19 pandemic only because basic utilities like power, gas, water supply, sanitation, and other services continued uninterrupted.

This means positions like electrical engineers and other technical professionals required to keep the utilities running will be in high demand across Canada. If you have the qualifications, then you can explore a switch from your existing sector to the utilities and explore job opportunities in Canada.


Restaurants are dumping printed menus and sharing the same as an image through chat apps and social media platforms. With travel restricted, virtual reality can step in to give people the joy of experiencing the outside world without stepping out of their homes.

From education to entertainment, from healthcare to financial services, there’s no sector that can function today without technological infrastructure.

Tech is the X-factor in terms of jobs because it offers opportunities for skilled workers as well as entrepreneurs in Canada. This means you can explore Express Entry as well as Business Immigration streams of PNPs when exploring job opportunities in this sector.


There are worries that the shift to work-from-home will impact the construction sector due to decline in demand for commercial office space. However, this will get balanced by demand for home-cum-offices where all the working members of the family must be able to work without hassles.

The sector may have been disrupted due to the pandemic but this actually represents an opportunity for somebody prepared to risk innovative ideas and strategies.

The shift to less-congested semi-urban communities may spur demand for real estate and construction in rural and semi-urban parts of Canada. Somebody prepared to explore Rural and Community pilots may easily find a job and qualify for permanent residence by working in such in-demand occupations.