4 Point Strategy for Finding the Right Job in Canada

How do I find a job in Canada? The country has such a predictable and transparent immigration process that the toughest bit about moving to Canada often is landing a good job with a Canadian employer. Obviously, there’s no one-size-fits-all universal formula to find a job in Canada. Yet, there are some points that can boost the chances of all types of skilled workers seeking to find a job in Canada.

Get Your NOC Right!

Are you a NOC 0 or A worker? Or, does your occupation fall in NOC B? Your NOC code is probably the most important factor that will impact your job search prospects. Selecting the wrong NOC code will mean your chances of landing a Canadian job will fail even before you start searching.

Many inexperienced job seekers make the mistake of thinking that selecting the right NOC code is all about designations and job titles. Rather, you need to focus on your key responsibilities and duties and choose the code accordingly.

This means your duties may help you qualify for a NOC A code despite the fact that your destination is listed as among NOC B occupations.

Obviously, a bit of professional guidance will help you select the right code. These are the things where an immigration professional can prove to be of invaluable help. Getting a Canadian work permit or qualifying for permanent residence in Canada is not just about filling application forms and waiting for ITAs.

Getting the basics right is very important and a do-it-yourself approach can often lead to unnecessary and totally avoidable complications.

Understand Labor Shortages across Canada

Alberta’s economy is dominated by energy-sector industries due to its oil reserves. Ontario owes its economic growth to the service sector because the Greater Toronto Area is the fastest-growing tech hub in the whole of North America.

Tourism is a big employer in British Columbia, which means the province has been hit harder by the pandemic as compared to other provinces. However, it’s likely that tourism-specific stimulus measures will create more jobs on BC, which means you need to focus on this province if you work in the hospitality sector.

If you a professional specializing in the oil and gas sector, then it’s pretty obvious you need to focus on Alberta over other provinces. A tech professional should focus on Ontario but keep other options like British Columbia’s PNP Tech Pilot in mind as well.

Since having a job offer can make Canadian immigration a lot easier, the smartest option would be to understand how the economies of different provinces are structured and how labor shortages and playing out across the country.

Focus on Soft Skills!

An oil engineer or techie may not need French proficiency to perform his/her primary job responsibilities. However, a skilled worker who is proficient in French and English may find it easier to qualify for a work permit or even direct permanent residence.

Canada has a separate work permit for French-speaking workers choosing to work in French-speaking communities outside Quebec. Your ability to qualify for this work permit may help tilt the job offer in your favor in a close race with many other skilled workers.

Further, your initiative to learn French will be viewed positively when the Immigration Officer assesses your interest in adapting to life in Canada.

Leverage Professional Assistance

Many persons make the mistake of presuming that professional assistance for job search and/or immigration is an unnecessary expense.

What will you do if your work permit application is rejected despite having a Canadian job offer in hand? Or, what if you are completely eligible but are unable to get a job despite your best efforts?

An immigration professional who also provides job-related assistance will be your best bet. You can search for job and simultaneously plan and strategize your application for work permit and/or immigration.

You can analyze the pros and cons of choosing the work-settle route over direct permanent residence application and choose the option best suited to your profile.